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Introducing Ronikamedtour Medical Tourism

RONIKAMEDTOUR is a medical health tourism ideology for attracting foreign patients to receive medical and cosmetical services by the best doctors in most equipped hospitals and clinics in iran.RONIKAMEDTOUR also provides accommodation and tourism services for patients.Aesthetic medical services in Ronika includes a wide range of plastic surgeries such as, rhinoplasty, lipomatic surgeries, abdominoplasty, mammoplasty ,blepharoplasty ,labiaplasty, and also hair implantation, rejuvenation and face lifting , cosmetical injections (like fillers and Botox), dental services Fotona laser, infertility treatment and ophthalmology services.In addition to medical services, Ronica also provides patient passenger services, such as visa, airport transfers, personal and private transfers, hotel bookings ,plane ticket booking , tour guides,24 hour translator, and nursing service including pre- and postoperative care for all patients.The travel process is based on program agreed upon both contract parties that will ensure the success of entire travel and treatment process, RONIKAMEDTOUR also guarantees that there will be no additional costs beyond the agreement. so there is no worries for patients in their journey and they can only think about the successful outcome of their treatment .All healthcare and beauty services provided by RONIKA MED TOUR are delivered in hospitals and clinics with the highest medical standards, and all patients can use our personal 24 hours free consultation. RONIKA MED TOUR offers you the best medical tourism experience with effective treatments and VIP services considering the patients privacy. Why do we offer you to choose RONIKAMEDTOUR ? Ronika arranges you the whole process including helping to choose the best surgeon ,hospital and clinic in Iran, getting your visa, choosing a flight company and a hotel and also your transfer from the airport to the hotel and hospital, and giving a personal translator to help you get in touch with your doctor and it provides postoperative consultation and other services for you.

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